Saturday, October 24, 2009

Session of the 24th Great Day!

Wow, we had a great time today!

It is the first war boardgame we played at the West Tokyo Wargamers and we really had a great time. Shogun is fairly easy, but without the help from Gareth that checked the rules time to time, and the effort of all of the other members it would not have been as fun as it has been.

We loosely started at about 14.00 and finished about 19.30. Unfortunately we did not manage to finish the game completely, and we did count the number of provinces and guess.... I ended up winning. It hardly happens so I am more satified than I thought.

Next gaming session will be the 29th of November and we will play the rather exciting game of Maharaja from Avalon Hill.

It is a very interesting game of the conquest of India during the centuries from Alexander the Great to the British colonization of the country.

Thank you to all the participant, and as usual we are looking forward to meet new members

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  1. Great game indeed, Giovanni- thanks as always for hosting it.

    Managed to put together another T-34/85 after I got home tonight, and I dug out my Japanese armour kits, so a Blitzkrieg Commander game in January after you get back from Italy is looking a real possibility!

    "Maharaja" sounds like being fun. Looking forward to it!