Friday, March 12, 2010

Game Session on the 21st

We are going to have the second game day on the 21st of March. A bit more than a week.
Wow! I really enjoyed last game so I am very much looking forward to play some more.

So far the games that are going to happen are:
Givoanni&Brian DBR probably Samurai Vs either Savoy or St.John Knights TBC

Robert is going to run another Blitzkrieg Commander Game

Gareth, I am not sure what he is going to pull ou of his sleve!

Cryhavoc game with Daniel and Giovanni and whoever wants to participate. This might either take place after all the other games, or if anyone wants to play while the other games are going on, it is not a problem! (but please do not loose any of the chits! There are a million)

Any other proposal?
If you all could let me know if you are coming it will be very helpuful and appreciated.

Looking forward to PLAY


  1. Definitely running a session or two of Cry Havoc this time. :)

  2. No guarantees that I'll make it, but I'll try. I might have the little one in tow. If I come down, I'll bring a board game, either a 100 Years War chevauchee gaem, or the Reconquista of Granada.