Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 25th

Hi Again,
I have some more news about our next gaming day.
The Blitzkrieg Commander Game will be held by Robert and the DBA Tournament will take place although the number of participant is not confirmed yet.
We will also have visits from the friends of the "Greater Kanto Area War-Gamers Club" and we have a new recruit from Greece, that will bring his newly painted Napoleonics in 28MM for Robert and Matt's pleasure! Matt Also will bring some of his Peninsular war painted 28MM figures. I will bring some paints and brushes and I plan to do some demo Oil Paint Washing on Gareth's galleys. If you guys have photoes of painted miniatures that you could like to post on the blog please let me know I will be happy to post them.

Hello All,
Just to keep everyone updated for the 25th of April we are thinking of running a De Bellis Antiquitatis tournament, and a Blitzkrieg Commander game (TBC).
Anyone is more than welcome and if you have not done it yet, please confirm your participation by mailing at the address under the banner (with the ships) on the right hand side of the screen.

Thank you

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