Thursday, May 13, 2010

Small Update about Games we are going to play


Thank you for the e mail exchange in the last two days! I have now got a better idea of what we are going to play.

As usual Blitzkrieg Commander with Russians,Japanese and Germans.

Gareth is going to organize a participation game of the Indian Mutiny of 1700 (I hope it is correct, Please correct me if I got it wrong!) Scale 6MM using his beatifully painted miniatures and the Horse Foot and Guns rules from Phil Barker.

Two boardgames will be available as well, Luftwaffe (Avalon Hill) and Twighlight struggle (GMT) and Darren has a choice of games such as Shadow over Camelot and others that he will bring if there are participants.

I am looking forward to play, and hopefully meet all of you.


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  1. Sorry Giovanni, just a slight correction. The game isn't Indian Mutiny. It's Maratha Wars in India, between 1780 and 1805. You're also being far too generous about my painting!