Sunday, August 8, 2010

Last Months' Photos... and the Next Session

Hi Again!

As promised I managed to post some of the pictures from last gaming session!

We started with some Cry Havoc, followed by an "easy learning!" naval game as you can see from Brian's expression!

We played one game of Shuuro the wargame of chess and last but not least we gave a shot at Twilight Struggle a game set during the cold war, which was absolutely awesome.

I will soon post the dates for the sessions of August and September as soon as I manage to book the rooms. We plan to play Blitzkrieg Commander in August and a Napoleonic game in 28mm for September.

See you at the next gaming session, and in the meantime- paint! paint! paint!

From the dark age of the 80's Cry Havoc!

The Italians free the land from the Austro-Hungarian imperialists

The game of Creative Chess: Shuuro

The game of the cold war Twilight struggle, where you can actually loose by starting a global nuclear war. (hugh!)

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