Saturday, August 20, 2011

They're after you, Giovanni...

Giovanni wanted to see Vikings, so here they are!

These were bought and painted back in 1985-87.  Old Citadel Dark Ages range, with a few appropriately-clad fantasy figures thrown in.  Designed by the Perry Twins, and true 25mm.

Once they are all finished (which means they will have taken around 25 years!), all I'll need is a monastery to plunder after they finish whacking Giovanni's Saxons.

Anyone else out there interested in a bit of a Dark Ages bash?  We're thinking of using Age of Blood, Warhammer Ancients and/or Hail Caesar! (eventually).


  1. If it is 25mm, it has Late Rome & Byzantin & Norman!.
    However, it has not painted yet.

  2. you could use the normans for this game, also the byzantines!

    we will have to be the defenders though!!

    Anglosaxon represent