Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 3rd Games Day 二月三日ゲーム会

February 3rd was yet another packed house, four table extravaganza!

Warhammer fantasy (2 games !!!)

Brian's arch nemesis ...

Isn't that tree awesome!!!!!!!

Beastmen making their first of many futile attacks

Both Warhammer games had dwarves! VS Beastmen and VS Tomb Kings

Right before the cannon fire...

These miners feet were a wee bit too small to catch their prey

Commands and Colors (Napoleonics)

A french general not feeling very confident about the right flank...

"Wait a second. We're Swiss..... and those guys on the other side are Swiss.... Screw it lets go home!"

The Spanish cannon perplexed at why the French player moved his troops into firing practice range...

This was a pretty formidable formation!

Blitzkrieg Commander

A Russian village with beautiful buildings!!!

SS units in half tracks

What an impressive set up. That is a bunker there in between the trees and the river to the left is club owned! I'm glad to see it go to such good use.

The German command
Russian troops cautiously approaching the road

An anti tank gun waiting


soooo cooool !!

Saga is just such amazing looking game. It has so much fluff and flavor that you almost feel like you're in a role playing game. If you are interested in Saga please let us know! It is easy to learn and doesn't require many miniatures!

King of Tokyo

This is a very fast board game about monsters attacking each other in Tokyo.  

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game

(no photos yet)

Thanks everyone for the photos!

We are still learning about different ways to share our data and make the management of the group go smoothly.

As far as the other website is concerned I'm not sure what to make of it. For now, we are encouraging interested members to join our google+ group. It is acting as our "forum" for now.

Until next time!



  1. Great to photos - thanks for sharing them and posting info about the day!

  2. Impressive terrain - especially the saga and BKCII games. Looks like you guys have a great time.