Sunday, June 8, 2014

New project- WW2 in the Far East using Bolt Action

I'm not just into Napoleonics!  I have recently been busy cleaning, undercoating, and have just started painting my first 28mm Imperial Japanese for Warlord Games' Bolt Action

I downloaded an app for my iPad, Battlescribe, which allows me to construct army lists without having to faff about with Excel or with scraps of paper and a calculator! Now, I'm not one to get hung up on points, and I am virulently against min-and-maxing out lists that take no account of historical organization.  But it's good to have some kind of guide for building up a force, especially when starting out.

Using this, I made a list I made around what I have in my collection already, just under 1000 points. I'm sure I will tinker around with the composition later as the collection grows and we get some games in under our belts.  I'm already aware it is lacking in any kind of anti-tank capability, but one step at a time.

Just to have some historical peg to hang my army on, I decided to represent the Aoba Detachment, including infantry from the 5th Regiment, 2nd Division IJA, based in Sendai, who fought (and were decimated) at Guadalcanal, later serving in Singapore and in Burma.  This was also my late Father-in-law's regiment, although the war ended before he could be shipped out as a reinforcement (there was no fuel available at the time, luckily!)

Matt is doing some British/Commonwealth troops from Burma, so that looks like being the first campaign on the agenda.  However, my Tohoku lads are ready to go anywhere, and to fight anyone!
Type 94 Tankette- I need to borrow Giovanni's airbrush!

At this point, the list is based on what figures and models I already have.  These are from Warlord Games,  TAG Miniatures (The Assault Group), and Brigade Games.  The tankette I got from Kazu at his new shop in Akihabara.

Of course, we will be needing terrain, and Giovanni already has some very nice jungle pieces he made from aquarium plants.  I've some laser-cut pieces I'm working one, plus this large bunker.

I've also a number of US Marines primed and ready, but seeing as Matt is already working on his British I'll focus on getting the Japanese done first.  I will post more as the project develops- we are hoping for our first game sometime this summer. Hopefully Matt will share some pics of his stuff here at some point.



  1. Look forward to seeing your progress! After North Africa, the Pacific is the less played theater that I'd love to play the most.