Sunday, August 2, 2015

July 26th Pub Con!

Our 8th Pub Con was held July 26th at the Good Heavens! Pub in Shimo-Kitazawa.

Sharing some pictures of the event gives a great idea how it went down. This month I feel like opening up the post style with some heavy handed humor, so please forgive me for all the cringe.

First up are some of the delicious foods and drinks available while we game; at a discount thanks to our hosts, Good Heavens! Pub.
Enjoy a tasty burger?
Or a proper fish and chips.
And wash it down with a pint! Or 3...
Nations, and love that Shepherd's Pie!
Guillotine! Who doesn't enjoy french bashing?
Warfighter. Looks pretty involving.
Digging in the dungeons!
Old-school Dungeonquest. Brutal, Brutal game.
Let's enjoy Japanese tourism with Tokaido! In an English Pub! with Pints! In Japan!
Betrayal at House on the Hill, better played by the spoooky bookcase no?
Not my pic: If you look closely I'm capping somebody; can't dual wield Cannons.
X-Wing, gaining quite a following at the club!
X-Wing also has some slick models ready to go!
Some of the Old Guard keeping it real.
Into the Heart of Darkness.... good times!
More Zulu action!
There was a brief game of "Oldhammer" Warhammer 3rd edition going on later, but I was too involved to remember to take pictures! My opponent had a nicely painted Night Goblin army on the table too!
Hope everyone enjoyed the event, and we are always looking forward to more players to enjoy games with us!

The next Pub Con will be held on August 30th 2015.

More information can be found on our meetup page:
Please be sure to check the map found on that site, or on our "About Pub Con" page.

詳細についてはJapan International Gamers Guild (Tokyo)のMeetup.comホームページをご覧下さい。 特にパブコンのイベント報告の地図を参考にして下さ


  1. Very nice gathering, Stephen. Food, drink friends and great games - nice to see the miniatures game (TSATF). Would've like to have seen the WHFB game too :)

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  3. Old guard have a 7 pint minimum. (Originally, I wrote 'lint'. oops) TSAFTF was a great game and a good break from Bolt Action. We were going for a mid 90s White Dwarf photo shot where both opponents are rolling dice, measuring and screaming their nerdiness.

  4. Looks like a great day! :-) Glad to see X-Wing there...I'm getting into it myself ( ) so hope to join you guys and learn more when I can! (Especially over some fish and chips)

  5. Hi again, just wanted to point out that on your events page the next date is listed as August 31st (Monday?) but on your latest post you have the 30th listed...I guess the latter is correct?

  6. Thanks Oli! *I have forwarded the error report to the appropriate authorities*
    Hopefully someone will get on it before we have an empty bar gameday!

  7. Oops! My bad m(_ _)m. I have updated the page. Thanks Oli and Steve!