Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmass session 5th of December


Thank you for participating in the last event, it was good fun and with the new entry of Yannis we got new energy for our events. As mentioned earlier I think there was a general ineterst to go back to miniatures. So to keep things easy I thought we should play either DBA or DBR condensed scale. At home I think I can sport 2-3 playing areas varying on the scale of the miniatures. Since I am quinte willing to push DBR and Brian should have 100 points of Samurai, it would be nice to play DBR, I can organize about 2-3 small armies and with what Gareth has we can play without troubles.

As for DBA (ancient wargaming) I have enugh armies for everyone.

This time I would rather start at 14.00 because last time we almost took the table cloth from the table when people where coming up the stairs!!

See you all soon

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