Sunday, November 22, 2009

Maharaja report

So yesterday the 21st of Nov. we met and had a game of Maharaja. Where I think Yannis was the overall winner with the most victory points.
THe game was fairly simple but a bit too shceduled. I enjoyt it quite a lot, but I found difficult to follow up things an game turns is kind of complex. I also have to admit that I was distracted by Daugter, th internet and so on so at times they had to call me to the table! (Sorry about that!)
Here is a picture where Yannis is considering one of his final winning moves with Brian's Mandarines in the foreground.

Close up of the board, I was playing several nations but most of the time they where sent off the board by invasions, combat and whatsoever!

Panoramic of the game. Next time we will probably go back to miniatures since we have been playing boardgames twice. Next event the 5th of December. See you all soon

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  1. Hi G

    I had a great time with you guys, looking forward for the next meeting. Maharaja was a bit complicated but I had fun. Would like to try it more in the future.