Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Battle of the Russo Japanese War

Game preparations, the only one who seems to have realized a photo was taken is Daniel (aka The lucky Admiral)
As mentioned above the Lucky General strikes his first hit, on my admiral ship!

Close up of the sunken ship.

Second big hit double six! he did hit the powder magazines of the ship destroyng it instantly!

Peace sign while playing wargames!! We had a great day, we are looking forward to the next gaming adventure, Thanks to everyone for coming over.


  1. Thanks for posting the pics. But I realize now that I really need to get around to painting, basing, and above all labelling those ships.

    The problem is that right now they are simple to transport and don't take up much space! Once I base them and add the masts, yards, and other doohickeys they will be a lot more awkward to carry around.

    One of the reasons for getting into the naval side of the R-J war using the Panzerschiffes models was that I thought that it could be a miniatures game that I wouldn't have to worry about painting or modelling.

    Oh well...

  2. Really like the pics; shame I wasn't able to get over. Still, it's given me some encouragement for naval games. I may be able to do some naval at the next meet, albeit 350 years earlier. I'm trying to get some more Renaissance galleys painted up to do a small fight between Muslim and Christian navies in the Med. Interested?


  3. Speaking of the Russo-Japanese War, these web pages will help to understand the context of that war, D.Kurahara presumes.

    ( )
    ( )

  4. Great Site!! the photoes are so cool! I can see myself getting ionto this period. As a club thing it could be nice to cover it as Naval and with toy soldiers. I think Irregular miniatures has a range for that period

    check in their mm section