Wednesday, February 3, 2010

West Tokyo Wargamers Official Event February 27th

West Tokyo Wargamers Official Event February 27th

I am extremely pleased and deeply emotionally touched to announce the first event of the West Tokyo Wargamers (WTW) out side of my apartment on the 27th of February at the community centre in Seiseki Sakura Gaoka.
The need to find a new space was dictated by the fact that our number has grown from 3 to 9 people! A fact that pleases me enormously and is the proof that thanks to the internet and the love for gaming, a wargaming club can be organized in Japan as well.
Of course it won’t be the same as a club in the west, especially the Anglo-Saxon countries where it is possible to rent a place and having gaming tables ready all the time, but it is our creation and comes from the shared interest in gaming and the will of spending time together.
The meeting point is the community centre VITA COMMUNE (wrong spelling of Italian) on the left hand side of the west exit of Seiseki Sakura Gaoka station on the Keio line. The official address is
Tama Shi Seki Do 4-72
Tel. 042-374-9711
7F Workshop ROOM
You will need to get on the 7th floor where you will find a huge hall with chairs and tables, I will probably waiting for you, if you do not see anyone you can ask in the nearby office where the Workshop Room is, this time we will have to toll ourselves 500 Yen so the money will be the first thing I might ask (venal bastard innit?)
For this event we have in plan 2 participation games so far:
Robert’s Blitzkrieg commander Russians VS Imperial Japanese Army
Gareth’s renaissance naval wargame of Spanish Imperial VS Ottoman Mediterranean fleet.
Giovanni’s Cry Havoc boardgame
I think there is still some space for another couple of games if someone has any ideas or wants to take the initiative.
I have mailed all of the members, but I would appreciate mail confirmation.

I also have received some photos of the last Russo-Japanese naval game that are better than the pictures I did take, please enjoy them.

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  1. Just to let people know I'm frantically trying to get the ships ready for the naval game. It will be basically Muslim vs Christian - I was thinking Spanish vs Barbary pirates, but it might work out as something different. Rules used will be the old, old WRG rulettes. They are pretty simple and the combat is likely to be very quick and bloody. Their big plus is that there's no record keeping. The game is really a tryout. If they don't work, then I'll look at some other sets like the Lanterna rules from Spanish Fury.

    If they work ok, the long term project is a large scale fleet game. Not Lepanto, but big enough to have several players a side.



    P.S This is RENAISSANCE galley warfare, not Classical Greece. There's no ramming, and lots of artillery. Galleys are very fragile things, and a 50kg cannonball ball can do horrible things to them. Be warned.