Monday, February 22, 2010

5 Days to go! 27th February!

WOW! only five days to go before the first public event of the WTW! As mentioned in the previous posts we will have 2 main participation games and 2 boardgames going on.

In no particular order the first game will be a renaissance Naval Game sponsored by Gareth who at the moment is on fire about the naval warfare during the afore mentioned period. He did send me some shots about the work in progress and the ships are looking NIIIICE!! It will be a Christian VS Muslim battle at sea using a very old set of rules published by Wargame Research Group. As he mentioned it could turn into a fast bloody game!

The second game will be a WW2 battle,set at the end of the conflict,between Russia (USSR) and Japan in Manchuria.
Robert will be the organizer and the game will feature a massive piece of terrain!

Robert Russians massed in the renches! These are metal 20MM miniatures, same scale as 1/72 or 1/76.
The infantry for the Imperial Japanese Army will come from me, I am basing them at the moment, they are plastic old Esci figures.
I did not have enough stroops, so Robert in order to beef up this understreght infantry went on getting some tankettes, a cannon and a mortar.
I am looking forward to see the games in action and I am happy to invite anyone who wants to participate to the games.
As for theplace of the event please check the previous post or contact me at the mail address on the right handside of the page under the picture of the battleship.

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