Thursday, February 3, 2011

Brian's Field Trip

On January 30th, I took a trip out to the Tokyo suburbs, to the Nerima Miniature Gaming Club. One of their members had invited me to come after paying a similar visit to the West Tokyo Wargamers group.

The space was within comfortable walking distance of the station, and included many tasty places to grab some food along the way. The actual gaming room was perfect, with space for 4 very big tables. They are a very organized and timely group, having a theme of the day and running games from 1pm - 9pm. While I was there I saw 2 games of Warhammer fantasy, and a game of Battlefleet Gothic (なつかしい~~~). 

I also ran 3 games of Dungeon Quest! (a great Games Workshop classic). It was great to be among Japanese gamers, and to be in a group in which the primary spoken language was Japanese. Don't be afraid if your Japanese is not very good, between English, Japanese and all the gamer words that exist in both, you'll be fine. Also, many people in the group do speak English very well. I learned that among these pioneer Japanese gamers, being able to understand English is a precious survival skill considering the amount of material available only in English.

The quality of gaming, painting, and terrain was great, and the atmosphere of all the people was warm, welcoming and friendly at all times. Really a fun time and I suggest everyone to check out their website and stop by if you have the chance.



  1. Great post, Brian! I added a hyperlink to the Nerima club for anyone interested in checking it out for themselves.

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