Friday, March 4, 2011

March 13th and April 24th

Hi All,

I wanted to announce before it is too late that I managed to book rooms for March and April.  The March game will be on the 13th in the Dai Ni Gakushitsu. which is a larger room than usual.

This time we will start in the morning from about 10:30. The room on the 8th floor is fairly  large so that if you have any plans to play large games you are welcome. Please write in the comments section below, or mail me to book your space.

The game on the 24th of April will be held in the Workshop room on the 7th floor. That is the usual kitchen room, so there might be an issue with space, if you let me know in advance what you plan to play, it would be really appreciated.  We will be able to set up  only four wargaming tables and a smaller one for boardgames so I would suggest you contact me to avoid disappointment.

Please let me know what your gaming plans are for these days.

Thank you,


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