Saturday, March 5, 2011

Photo Report: Games Day on Feb. 27th, 2011

Another great turnout!  We had more than twenty people show up to roll dice, have a chat, and to have fun. It was really rewarding to meet a lot of new people and play some cool games. 

Games played were:
  • A 28mm Napoleonics game using Black Powder rules from Warlord games
  • An Ancients game of Romans vs. Seleucids using an old ruleset,  Legion
  • Blood Bowl, a game of fantasy American football with four players
  • A game of Combat Commander by GMT.  A World War 2 simulation game
  • A Basic Dungeons & Dragons game
And if that wasn’t enough we closed the day by playing Space Hulk.

Here are some photos.

First, Takeo and Sada's 15mm ancient game, as the Republic attempts to tame Antiochus.  Some very nicely painted 15mm miniatures, with the Seleucid elephants and chariots in particular drawing a lot of admiring comments.
 Who would want to be on the receiving end of one of these?
 The warriors in serried ranks assembled.
 Republican Romans ready to spill blood- preferably Seleucid- for the Glory of Rome. 
You can find more pictures and a write-up on Takeo's blog here.  Interestingly, they were using the old Legion rules, published by Fantasy Games Unlimited in 1976.  I even have a copy of that set somewhere back in Vancouver.  "Old School" indeed!

The Blood Bowl game.  I wonder what a GW Fantasy half-time show would look like?  The mind boggles...

David and Co. playing a game of Combat Commander.

Peter, Matt, Achilleas and I had another game of Napoleonics using Black Powder.  It looked fantastic, and we really enjoy the rules.  We have always been able to play games to a definite conclusion in an afternoon, so they are perfect for club play.
 As the French win first initiative, Peter rummages through his pocket for anything heavy with sharp edges that he can hurl at me.
Me, musing on the fate awaiting me in Paris should the French lose yet another engagement.  Fortunately, this time the French came out on top.
 The allied defences including this strong redoubt, along with the dreaded Russian Horse Artillery.
 The Thin Red Line.  It was to get much thinner by the time the day ended.  Memo to Matt: how about touching up the edges of those flags?
The Tsar's representative attached to the Allied Army in Belgium.  Count Anatoly Maximovitch Bricoloff comments on the French deployment along with the British liaison officer, Major Bartholomew Fetlock-Withers (MP),  3rd Lord Nosebridle.
The gallant Brunswickers.  These doughty warriors put up a brave fight when all around them collapsed.

Rather than use up too much bandwidth on an already picture-heavy post,  I'll be adding more photos and a triumphant orgy of  bragging and ego-boosting balanced and fair commentary on my blog, Dino de Laurentis style.  Hopefully this weekend or early in the coming week. 

Now, over to Giovanni...


What an awesome day! I really enjoyed myself.  Even though we were in the smaller “Workshop Room” we managed to find a (cramped!) place for everyone.
Here I will resume in a few words our D&D adventure that I was running for about 8 players.  The group managed to save the Cleric Alaric, who was imprisoned by an evil clan of Orcs that had their butt kicked by the group. 
As they were about to leave the dungeon, Alaric started to speak about feeling deeper evil; at that  very moment they found a secret passage in a wall that led down to a deeper, damper darker part of the dungeon. Without fear- but with a good dose of care- they started exploring the first room. 
There they found themselves suddenly under attack by some red poisonous centipedes led by a Bugbear that they managed to defeat.  This was thanks to the dwarf and Fighter, who proved themselves invaluable "shock absorbers" for the group.  Unfortunately the dwarf soon fell into the underground hole the centipedes had come up from.
The courageous Gnome went into the hole just in time to see a pair of dwarvish feet being dragged down by what was revealed to be a third red poisonous centipede.
This last centipede met its end when, in the excitement of seizing his prey, it crawled out of its hole and was promptly dispatched by the Fighter with a mighty slice from his sword.


A busy day for us all!  Thanks to Darren, Brian and Ayu for many of the better photos!


  1. Great post! I don't think we would have so many people coming out to our club if it weren't for the great work Robert and Giovanni do for our blog! Props to you both!

  2. Great post...lots of very nice pics. Looks like it was a fun day:-D

  3. Thanks for everything,Giovanni-san!
    I will be grad to spread this club information to Japanese war-gamers.