Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Games Day on the 24th

Hi All,

I hope to find you all well and in health. It has been a tough period and many things have happened, but thankfully the situation seems to be getting back to a sort of normality. Now you can find bottled water, packed bread and rice almost normally, Yogurt is still an issue, but we should be all right wit it soon.

The power cuts have virtually disappeared, but will restart during summer, which will be quite an experience without the support of air condition! Although it will be nothing compared to what other had to suffer, so let’s roll up our sleeves and down with the work. 日本がんばれ!

So in order to release a bit of tension it will be good to roll some dies, move some miniatures on the table isn’t it?

The 24th of April (Sunday) we will have an early start 9.30 and an early end 17.00 due to the fact that the city hall is trying to save electricity. JUST AN ADDITIONAL NOTE TEH D&D GAME WILL START AT 11.30.

We plan to play the following:

Morning Labyrinth Lord (aka Basic Dungeons and Dragons) DM Kirk

Late morning 2 WW2 games with Robert, Pete, Brian and Ayu

Late morning various board games with David, Tod and Giovanni, playing, Warrior Knights, Bitter Victory and other games.

Late morning Warhammer Fantasy Battles with Oliver and Sam

Also not confirmed yet Brian and Gareth will both be available for a game o Brits vs Zulus in 15MM and 6MM respectively if anyone is interested, although this is to be confirmed.

We will also have a charity flea market where we are selling our unwanted or overflowing miniatures, board games, hobby material and so on. The money collected that way will be donated to the local Salesian church of Chofu, that will deliver the money to the Earthquacked people in Tohoku.

I am looking forward to see many of you gamers in Tokyo.


  1. Hi Giovanni, if I get there at the start of the day can I setup the wfb table? Or is it the case that we will only be able to get on itlate morning? Also, is it "bring your own terrain"? Or does your club have some?

  2. Hi Oly a late start is possible, in fact I am going to go there for about 11.30ish.
    Normally I would have some terrain, but this time since we are doing the flea market, I won't be able to carry much, so if you bring some stuff it's OK.
    Of course I will try to keep a table for you, but as a rule of thumb teh earlier youcome the best chances to get a table you will have, I think there will be 3 wargames going on at the same time so if you come early it will be probably better.
    see you on SUnday.

  3. Hi Oly again, it turns out that I will go there with Kirk at 9.30 and then I will leave and come back. at about 11.30 so if you are early you will find someone anyway. See you on Sunday

  4. If you guys are in Hong Kong on 7/5/2011 and want to join our AGM, please let me know.

    Next meeting, AGM, Saturday 7 May 2011

    12:30 onwards at 6th floor, Senior Police Officers' Mess, Wanchai

    Programme (with approximate times) is as follows: Curry lunch (1:00 pm) AGM (1:30 pm) Taking Group Photos (1:45 pm) Game Set-up and Annual auction (2:00 pm) Prize presentation for DBMM, DBR, Memoir ’44 Competitions (2:30 pm) C&C Napoleonics competition will run thereafter - semi-finals and final will be concluded on the day, followed by prize presentation.

    Competition Results
    Boardgame Competition - Command & Colors: Napoleonics: To be decided (Semi Final between Tong Chi Wai and David Galt, the winner between them to enter the Final against Angus Lee)

    15mm DBMM Competition: Winner: Herbert Wong , Runner-up: Lawrence Ho

    15mm DBR Competition: Winner: Paul Garnham, Runner-up: Neil Burnett

    Boardgame Competition - Memoirs'44: Winner: Nick Alter, 1st Runner-up: Sunshine Ng, 2nd Runner-up: Thunder Wong

    Other games planned are as follows:
    (1) Advanced Squad Leader (organiser: Li Tai Wah)
    German vs British (continued)
    AP40 The Head of the Mace
    (It is a short scenario though)
    Alternate suggestion - J86 Frontal Assault

    (2) Demo/Playtest game of The Everlasting Glory (organiser: Leonard To)
    Participants: Leonard To, Angus Lee, Vincent Chan

    (3) 15mm DBMM game (organiser: Lawrence Ho)
    Please let me know if you are interested in playing this one.

    (4) 15mm Lasalle Napleonic game (organiser: Lawrence Ho)
    Please let me know if you are interested in playing this one though you have to bring your own army.

    (5) Avalon Hill History of the World/ Yaquinto or Excalibre Panzer game (organiser: Lawrence Ho)
    Please let me know if you are interested in playing the above.

    (6) Demo of Secret of the Third Reich (organiser: Cedric Mauvielle)
    Cedric will host a demo of this fantasy game.

    Note: Members are advised to clear and move the tables after the Buffet Lunch themselves should they need the table for games.

    Curry Lunch Booking
    Please let us know whether you are coming or not. The Buffet will be served to those who reserve a place first and those who have not booked in advance will have to wait to see if there are available place for them.

    Auctions News
    Herbert Wong of Dragon Painting Services (DPS) confirmed that DPS will donate some painted figures to be auctioned at the AGM to subsidise the Society's operations as in previous years. Thanks again to our life members Herbert Wong for his generosity and support to the Society and the Hong Kong Wargames Hobby.

    Basic rules of the auctions
    You can bring items to be auctioned at the AGM. From past experience, the final selling price of stuff sold at HKSW auction is lower than that selling at eBay.

    Firstly, you have to list your reserve price (minimum price)

    Secondly, it is natural to sell things related to history, wargames, boardgames, fantasy, etc. as we are a Society of wargamers.

    Thirdly, if you want to attract members interest, you can send me a list of your stuff with the reserve price so that I can send them to the members before AGM.

    Fourthly, you can sell the stuff at listed price without going through the auction procedures on that day on a first come first serve or discretionary basis or you can have them sell at the auction. It's up to you.

    Finally, you are responsible to dispose of all your unsold items. The Society will return them to you on that day if they are unsold.

    I suggest you have some ten dollars and twenty dollar notes readily available as changes.

    With best Regards,

    Lawrence Ho
    Member Co-ordinator

  5. Thank you Lawrence for the invitation, I think sometimes we should organize some sort of trip over there adn join you guys in an event! it would be awsome. Perhaps sometimes in the future for sure.
    If anyone is coming over we will let you know for sure. Also if any of you is coming over to Japan definitely let's try to meet.