Friday, April 8, 2011

Next Games Day- April 24th

Hi, Everyone

As life slowly returns to normal- and provided that there are no blackouts scheduled in the area- the next gaming day is scheduled on April 24th.   We would like to ask people to confirm if they still plan on attending, and if so what they plan on gaming.

If you know for sure if you will be making it that day, could you let us know so we can know what kind of turnout we can expect, and so we can start thinking about terrain and table arrangements.

Thanks, and hope to be seeing you all soon.


  1. I haven't heard from the town hall at all about cancelling, so I assume we will get the place for the 24th.
    I will bring my German force for BKC for the afternoon and in the morning we will have an early start with some D&D action.
    I am looking forward to meet you all and start stress releasing with some dice rolling and some role playing!

  2. Hi All,
    The town hal called me to confirm for the day, although they made a variation and we will have the morning and afternoon lots. THE EVENING LOT FROM 6 TO 10 PM HAS BEEN CANCELLED, I think they are doing this to save electricity that I think is a great thing. So we start at 9.30 and finish at 17.00.
    So far I have planned to play some D&D and a boardgame time permitting.
    David and Dob plan to play Warrior Knights and Brian and Gareth have been talking both of bringing some Zulus in 15 and 6 mm! That is going to be funny!
    Any one else? Please let us know!