Monday, December 17, 2012

Board Games and Beer

Though not our traditional stomping ground, the Baird Brewery's Tap Room of Nakameguro served as an excellent retreat for a Sunday Games Day away from home.

First to be played was Commands and Colors ancients. We did a Thebans vs Spartans scenario. I have to agree with the other members of the club who have gotten into this game that it is very addictive.  It is easy to play, it is fun, and it looks snazzy.

Next on the agenda was cribbage. It was a great game to play at the bar and its quirkiness only got better the more we imbibed.

Perhaps playing the 2,500 year old game "igo" was not the wisest choice for the last game of the evening. Igo is the most abstract of all the ancient games and I have to admit I was a little too preoccupied with the yummy pizza than to pay close attention to the subtleties of our bout.

Stay tuned to this blog and keep an eye out in your mailbox for more information about gaming events near you!



  1. Beer + Gaming = Everyone wins! :-)


  2. :-) I should add that Baird Beer is one of Japan's best microbreweries!

    Jason- That's what I think too! Its makes me feel better even though I lost every game we played!! haha...