Thursday, December 13, 2012

Let's try this again

Hi everyone, Brian here.

The big news is our games day on the 16 will be canceled!!

From now on we will try to bring you updates on what games will be going on, and who will be coming much sooner so we can keep the gaming goodness going next year.

The next games days on the books are already scheduled for next year:

January 12th [A SATURDAY] 9:30am-10pm

February 3rd [A SUNDAY] 9:30am-10pm

March 3rd [A SUNDAY] 9:30am-10pm

I wanted to post some good news as well, so I will finally bring to light the pictures Rod and I took at the funabori games day! Thanks so much to Rod and Sada and Mr Ohno for participating!

Especially thank you to Sada for being the head honcho and setting up the tables and taking care of the goods after the game!!!

The French!

The objective!

The French going for the Objective!

The British rifles were a little confused...

The initial attack on the objective!

The British on the left start to move!

The Scots Grey were beaten back and the French took the victory!

The Samurai battle on the hill

This cat shouldn't have wandered out of the forest.


  1. Thanks for uploading the Funabori photos.
    Shame about the 16th. I'll patiently wait until January for my gaming fix.
    I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !