Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2013 March Games Day

We had a great games day this month with actually 2 games.

Black Powder in the morning and Dungeon Quest in the afternoon.

Here are some more pictures from our March meeting.

 To follow our West Tokyo Wargamers Napoleonic adventures please go to Robert's blog (January's game) or Sada's blog (January's game) to read their amazing battle reports. 

It was great fun to play Dungeon Quest again. This was the Japanese version.

Also of note was a special visit by two gentlemen from a Japanese company called MRF. They brought along some beautiful prototypes for a samurai game that is in development. We were very lucky to have them come and if you are interested in more pictures and would like to follow this project please visit Brian's Samurai Wargaming blog

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  1. Beautiful figs all around; good to see Black Powder being played so nicely. Best, Dean