Sunday, March 10, 2013

3/10 Live Blog! プレーしながらブログ

One game today!

A Napoleonic game of Black Powder.

Playing longways, the French defending!


  1. Damn all this weekend work stopping my gaming! Looks like a good afternoon and it is great to see live - blogging!
    As always thanks for sharing.

  2. A stunning success for us French! With some minor assistance from our Germanic satellites. we managed to pluck golden threads of Glory from an otherwise rich tapestry of Allied success...

    Which is to say we had our clocks cleaned. Royally. Barely a French horseshoe was left remaining to report the outcome back to Paris.

    There will be a next time!

  3. Thanks for commenting!

    The blogger app is very useful for this kind of thing :-)

    I will have a fuller report up later.

    For next time, if there are any French miniatures that we need painted (to counter the English skirmishers) let me know and I can have another crack at painting Napoleonics!

  4. Great looking game...and fantastic figures!