Sunday, August 5, 2012

Game Days on the horizon

Hi All,

I am finally back from my Italian holidays that have been my spiritual medicine. So I am back for a new year of gaming and painting. I came back from my local (in Turin) game shop with Field Of Glory in Italian! it is nice to read and understand everything.

To celebrate that I plan to play my first game with my newly finished 15mm tartar army, I will play with Takeo, who knows the rules, I am sure it will be a nice training game.

Robert, Rod, Pete, and probably Matt, will play a fairly large Napoleonics game using the newly acquired french units, it is going to look amazing!

Brian is also going to play a Warhammer Fantasy game with a guest of the club, if anyone is interested to join in, please contact us.

These games will be set on the 19th of August.

Thanks to Brian, we managed to book the Sousaku Shitsu (the large room next to the kitchen) for September and October, so we should be able to organize larger games. I would like to thank Brian, because thanks to your speed in booking the rooms, we are definitely going to be at our ease and will have enough space to host a lot of gamers. The flower arrangements ladies are probably planning their revenge!

Next sessions are going to be on:

September 23rd (Sunday) Sosaku Shitsu
October 14th (Sunday) Sosaku Shitsu

Jolly Good! looking forward to see all the members soon and anybody else who wants to visit us.

See you soon



  1. have fun gaming guys!
    as for Field of Glory well, guess what? I also bought a copy of Field of Glory (renaissance though) and I acquired a fairly large force of venexia Italian Wars French...

  2. Looking forward to the next gamesday. Practising my lucky dice throws......


  3. Achilles! that is my favourite period!! renaiisance is awesome. Good for you that you bought Venexia miniatures, they are lovely, I have some for my STJohn army bu my favourite above all is the 1690's&1700, if you come back to Japan we should definitely play that!

    Pete, looking forward to see you and I will ahve to ask you about how to paint the river, i you have some pictures or a small example it would be very helpful!

  4. If it is a figure of the 15mm Italian Wars , I can do lage battle always!

  5. Of course Sada san! your stuff is absolutely beatiful! perhaps one day we could well organize a large game!!

  6. Gah, so annoyed I can't be there that day to join the Warhammer game due to family stuff!
    Still, it sounds like it is shaping up to be a good day and I hope it goes well!

  7. It came out I won't be able to attend either! damn! but Oli do not despair we are going to promote WH more actively in the coming months so next time if you would llike to join us I am sure Brian will be very happy to play!