Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Painting progress

Hi All,
since a while ago I thought I would share some pictures of my paint jobs as they are in progress. Of course other members are also encouraged to send me their painted miniatures pictures so I can upload them.
Well I have tried to stay away from them, but seeing how popular they are at the club I decided in my own fashion to put my hands on some Napoleonics. If I like them I will continue buying more, but if I do not, then I can make a meaningful donation to the club.

Bavarian line troops ready to be dipped! (first experiment ever!)

To boost up my Napoleonic gaming experience I also received from a friend some Prince August's Prussian infantry with which I am hopefully going to make a battalion.

I love the Toy Soldier look of those miniatures.

My recent excitement beside the other 300 projects I have ongoing, like everybody else, is African exploration (aka Colonial wargaming). I got interested in the period due to a couple of articles on the period in Wargamers Illustrated 292, written by Chris Peers one of the guru's of the subject.
I happened to have some RAFM miniatures 1890 Colonial British and I promptly bought a box of Warlord Games Zulus topped by some metal Zulu's from Brian (thanks mate!). Those latter I cannot recognize, I thought they were Wargames Foundry but they seem to be from another manufacturer, and to those I added spare plastic weapons and shields from the afore mentioned box.

Warlord Games Zulus and the unknown manufacturer's Zulus.

I also have as you can see from my painting desk, some 28MM World War 2 Italians. Lovely figures, though they are super well equipped and their kit is immaculate, perhaps too smart for the battlefield. Never the less great miniatures that I will paint to use with Don Featherstone's Skirmish Wargaming (another fairly recent purchase).

My painting desk, the miniatures in white are the Bavarians, the sand colored miniatures are the Italians.

That's about it from my painting desk, I should perhaps game more as I couldn't take part in the last 2 sessions.
By the way I also finished my DBR Tartar army in 15MM, although I already have bought some extra figures to start morphing them into Ottomans! what to say the leopard never loses his spots. Soon I will post some photos.

Thank you all for reading and see you at the next games day! (information on the right hand side of the page!)



  1. Nice Bavarians - who make them? I also like the nostalgic look of 'toy soldiers.' Dean

  2. Hi Dean, the Bavarians are from Hat they are their hard plastic 28mm. They are very controversial figures as tehy are yes 28MM but they are proportioned and would look a bit odd compared to other more modern Perry miniatures. The metal prussians are from Prince August.