Sunday, October 28, 2012

A little update!

Hi All,

I haven't been writing for a while, as you can imagine since I started my new job and I have to get used to the new routine, I didn't have much time to post.

The big change for me, is that I am wearing a suit to go to work. I thought I would hate it but on the contrary I am quite enjoying it.

Obviously I haven't been painting too much and this last 2 weeks where focused on finishing up a few half painted minis and concentrating on reading rather than painting.

I have finished a bunch of 28MM Italians for WW2 that I got from a friend. I wanted to try some new ways of painting miniatures so I gave a try to the miracle dip once again. This time I wasn't too impressed and I had to spend more time than I thought touching up the miniatures.

I started by painting them the traditional way and gave them a dip of stained varnish. This time the highlights I made previously, just disappeared under the coat of varnish so once dried I again, gave the miniatures some highlights. The good thing is that the effect you get from the varnish makes it easy to do highlights that resemble almost blending.

I hope you like my first WW2 effort in 28mm. Oh! By the way in the long run I should be able to use this miniatures with the Bolt Action ruleset that I just received.

Infantry man in tropical uniform.

Solothurn AT Rifle.

The Squad.

I went for a mix of tropical and continental uniforms.

As mentioned earlier I also got my copy of Bolt Action. I have just flipped through the pages and looked at some pictures, but it looks really good. It will take me a while to read it but I think it will expand my horizon about WW2 rules. I still remain a great fan of 20mm models for WW2 as they offer a larger variety of models and ranges, 20mm remains the classic wargaming scale. I have a lot of good memories of 1/72 scale models especially the now defunct ESCI.

Although you can see Bolt Action in the back this photo main focus is on how thick the latest issue of Wi is. I got it as an Omiage (souvenir) from a friend that went to Denmark, and was kind enough to get me a copy. It is a great issue that beside all the Flames Of War stuff has loads of good articles covering many periods. Great Dark Ages articles that got me wanting to get the Saga rules.
The Thickness of Wargames illustrated 300.

The cover.

Also thanks to another friend I got a copy of Black Powder, I was thinking about it since a year ago, and finally after playing a couple of games at the club I decided to get a copy. I also got the supplement Last Argument of Kings, a fantastic eye candy rulebook that covers the 18th century.

Awesome rulebooks!

Last but not least, a while ago in my trip back to my hometown of Turin a friend at the local club gave me a 17th century musket ball, that he bought at an antiquity fair in the mountains. It is probably a musket ball used by the protestant Vaduois living in the western Alps that had to fend themselves from the French, the Piedmontese and who else was crossing that part of the Alps. This is a real cool little treasure for me that I wanted to share.

My musket ball.

That's all for now, tomorrow I am off to learn how to use and ice cream machine, I will be making gelato all day I hope it will be fun!




  1. Cool looking figures and great rulesets. Best, Dean

  2. Great figures mate. Bolt Action is really good.

  3. Looks like Christmas has come early for you. Nice 28mm Italians you got there. Bolt Action looks interesting. Please bring it next time so that we can all have a look.