Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Upcoming events

Hi All,

The upcoming events will be on November the 25th and December 16th both Sundays.

For the 25th the plan is:

Warhammer FantasyBattles
Command and Colors Napoleonics

Black Powder Napoleonics (now we have some club figures so anyone interested in trying the game are more than welcome)
Samurai Skirmish wargame

I am looking forward to play and as usual new people are always welcome.

The 16th of December will be our last meeting of the year so I would like to encourage people to move their behind and come together for form gaming action!

Most likely there will be some Warhammer Fantasy Battle and possibly some Warhammer 40.000.

For this day no game as been decided yet, again I would like to encourage people to make proposal for games.

Looking forward to see you all



  1. Hi Giovanni.
    For the 25th, where it says "AM" and "PM" does that mean that those games will be held only at those times?
    (e.g. maybe because of lack of space you need to switch the room around etc.?)
    Or if we set up a WH game can we play all day?

  2. Dear Oli;

    How do you do.
    I think it possible to play all day long.
    Black powder means starting in the afternoon generally.

    By SADA

  3. Hi Oli,
    It is just a general schedule, but there is plenty of space to play all day.
    I am writing it if people want to participate to the games they can get organized.
    if you can come it will be great! shall I bring the books next week?

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