Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Hi All,

I didn't plan to post anything today but my Prince August order arrived and last night I finished my African tall grass, so I couldn't say nothing. I wanted to share the sheer excitement of an order arriving and a project finishing with a result over my initial expectations.

So today after cycling to the kindergarden with my little one, I arrived home o find a brown box from Ireland. Exactly a week ago I placed my order and I was expecting it to arrive next week at the earliest, but to my surprise the box arrived. I have ordered some Napoleonic French moulds that will be turned into Bavarians.  The French Grenadiers will become Bavarian Grenadiers, and the polish lancers will be Bavarian Uhlans! I am really excited about those as I see them as the classic war-game toy soldier that you would see in Charles Grant, or Donald Featherstone's books about wargaming.

Here tehy are, Ladle, Clamps and 4 Moulds.

Last night I also managed to finish my african tall grass and I was amazed by the result, so much that yesterday in a trip to a local DIY store I bought some more aquarium plants. My Darkest Africa project is just started, but instead of rushing buying the figures, I decided I would start making the terrain necessary for the games. Once I will have enough terrain to represent African Congo I will start investing in the miniatures. Having said that I already had some british troops you can see in the photos and I bougth a box of Zulus from Warlord games, in order to wet my palate.

The tall grass from the top.

The British troops searching their targets through the grass

The size turoned out to be perfect for 28MM figures.

The British troops being ambushed by an invisible enemy.

So this is it for this week as a friend will be over from Italy and I won't be able to post anytime soon.




  1. I feel your joy at recieving the box. Enjoy

  2. Thank you!! I was really xcited actually! I have fond memories of Prince August moulds since I was a kid!