Saturday, September 29, 2012

September 23rd Games day Photo report

Hi All,

As you can easily imagine, I am not as good as Robert to write battle reports, so my will be a photo report of the games we played on the last Games Day.

We played 3 games starting from the morning.

The first one was a Samurai skirmish game using Donald Featherstone's Skirmish Wargaming. It was our first try with the rules and we didn't think about taking pictures, but it looks like other members of the club got interested in the period and rules, so we will probably see more games using this ruleset.

The second game that is now becoming the tradition at our club was the Napoleonic war game using the Black powder rules from Warlord games. Please enjoy the pictures.

The third and last was a game of Warhammer Fantasy Battles that is becoming quite popular at the club, thanks to Brian efforts to attract more gamers. The game involved Highelves and Beastmen.

That's all for now, I hope you will enjoy the pictures.



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