Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Golden Week event pictures UPDATED!

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I managed to grab some pictures of the event from Brian (thank you!) they were taken with a phone, so they are not as clear as  those taken from a camera, but I think you will get the idea.

Hopefully Robert will post a battle report of the napoleonic game that was played on his blog.

The turnout was good, we had about 10 people and it looks like we are always reaching a good number of participants now that the club is 3 years old. This time many people due to the Golden Week break and work (poor guys!) couldn't make it. Next month we won't be able to run the games day as all of the rooms were taken! (Damn knitting/flower arrangement club!) So guys you will have to wait a little longer.

Anyway the day started slowly at around 10.30AM. Me and David played a game of Advanced Squad Leader, great game but you need to have a good brain for that, as a matter of fact my americans trying to prevent some Germans to occupy a strategic point on the map, were wiped away with precise bursts of MP40 before the end of the 4th turn!
My focus was on Brian's peanuts that's why I lost the game!

The board at teh start of the game, you can see some amercan units in light green.
 We followed up with a massive 5 people game of Shogun (Aka Samurai swords/Ikusa) a fantastic game set in feudal japan where you control 3 powerful armies and your mission is to become the overall ruler of the archipelago, THE SHOGUN! In the end David, our expert Stratego managed to win the game, and thank God he did because I think it took us 3-4 hours to finish it. It was great fun as usual and I am looking forward to play again.
The Box as in 1985!

Set up time

Some of the provincial cards

Brian's purple warriors

Just after the initial set up, the board was still quite empty

In the initial few turns the race for the castles! 

The board in all its beauty
All in all it has been a great day of fun, we closed the session with a very salty Ramen (noodles) and extra garlic loaded fried dumplings! What a great way to close the day.

Soon hopefully I will have more pictures especially of the napoleonic game that thanks to Pete great terrains and beautifully painted figures from the other members was a real treat for the eyes. 

Also for the Japanese speakers, Sada is making a report on his blog that is worth looking at! For non Japanese speakers you can enjoy the pictures anyway!


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  1. Shogun... One of my all time favourite games. Far too long since I last played it!