Thursday, May 10, 2012

Some Napoleonics picutres from the 4th of May game

Hi Again,
here are some pictures of the game that was played on the 4th of May. Enjoy!

The battlefiled from the British side

The units getting ready to face the French Army

Matt's casualty markers

Rod's disordered markers

The 2 lines are about to clash, in the back ground you can see Sada's beautifully painted French Hussars.


  1. God! I a missing all the fun!

    I am plain jealous!

  2. Looking so nice...but so far from France!

  3. Fantastic photos and really nice casualty markers and disordered markers! Great stuff everyone!

  4. Thank you all for teh very kind comments! we are having fun that is the most important thing. I am going through a period of excitement for new stuff and my latest passion is Africa exploration and colonial warfare. WOW Another thing on the list of the mountain of lead! I would like to have more time to paint.

  5. Gents! I received yesterday my copy of Skirmish War-Gaming by Don Featherstone, I started readign it and it's quite nice, although it is not your average plain English book, but I think it has a lot of potential! So my colonial Brits might see some action, but I still need terrain and some native opponents.