Saturday, May 19, 2012

Great news and a bit of disappointment

Hi All,

Let's start with the good news. Brian has gone to the Shizuoka Hobby Show sponsored by Tamiya Models, and has managed to set up a small display of a WW2 game. Hopefully this will help us to get some exposure and recruit new players. Thank you Brian for your effort!

Germans vs British Commandos display 

And now the disappointment! Today I received the first of 3 boxes of terrain that I purchased for the club.  The purchase consists of 5 boxes of pre-painted river sections from Gale Force 9 (Flames of War)
On the web te pieces looked awesome and reasonably priced, so I went for it and bought enough for 2-3 gaming tables, so we could all benefit from it.

The box

The Boxes
 Then I open up the boxes and I see that all the pieces are made of some sort of heavy soft plastic, great I say to myself, I take them off the PVC bags they where in and Horror of Horrors they had had a sort of chemical reaction and the paint sort of melted and sticked the pieces to the bags! Taking them off the bags some awful marks would remain on the river sections. You could only see those in backlight but they are still disturbing. I tried to wash them in warm water with soap but it didn't work!

I already sent an e mail to the manufacturer, sO I am trying to see if we can get an exchange, otherwise we might have to repaint them, which in itself could be a good idea since blue rivers do not exixt, perhaps green or muddy brown!

If anybody would like to take up the job of repainting them, please let me know I will pass on the pieces.




  1. What a shame, but if it is a reaction between the original packaging and the river sections the fault is on GF9 / BF s side and they usually give you replacements in those cases.

  2. Bummer about that; but you should get some sort of compensation or replacement from them. Dean

  3. That isn't good...
    I just ordered the Battlefield in a Box "Elven Tower" - one of the reasons being that the reviews had been pretty good! Hopefully it will all arrive in one piece...

  4. Thank you all for the suggestions, I have actually written directly to Gale force 9 and I should get a reply! If they wouldn't have arrived ruined they are great terrain pieces, and the fact that they are prepainted is a big bonus! but teh packing is just awful! anyway, just now Brian has sent me a message that many people have taken all of the club cards that he brought at the Shizuoka Hobby Show, so luckily we should have some new local recruits!

  5. Hey! I got a very kind reply from Maelstrom Games and they asked for some pictures, now the challange is to be able to get those pictures in backlight so that I can show the plastic bag stains on the terrain pieces.
    I will do that at the weekend though, weather and family permitting!
    I feel mcuh better though that I know someone is taking care of it.