Monday, May 7, 2012

Great Golden Week

Hi All,

We had a fantastic event on Friday the 4th during Golden Week, we had about 10 participants with 2 new faces showing up, Thanks for coming!

Robert, Pete, Sada and Matt had a fantastic looking game of  Napoleonics, as it is the fashion at the moment. Great looking miniatures, great looking terrain and many smiling faces. Soon some pictures isn't it Rob?

I was lucky enough to play an Advanced Squad Leader game that I lost for the second time, although I think I am getting closer and closer to understand the game itself. Winning it is another story ahaha. Congratulations David for stopping the american attack on the French village.

In the afternoon we also played a game of Shogun, 5 players and a lot of fun. This game is very simple but quite lengthy, and we went on for about 3-4 hours, but finally David freed us from teh pain fo gaming by winning the game and becoming the Shogun of Japan. I guess he was the only one to completely follow the game and probably the only one who really knew what was going on, but never the less, it was a great game.

As written in the events page, for June we won't have a games day since I couldn't book the room, which was taken from us by the knitting club! darn!

Anyway if anyone has a room available it will be great to enjoy a game in June.

Hopefully Brian and Robert will send us some photos so you will be able to see what happened.

As usual sorry about the spelling mistakes and keep gaming, painting and having fun.


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  1. Dear Giovanni.

    The report of the regular meeting is written by "Page of SADA's Hobby Japanese version".

    The report of the regular meeting in which I participated is carried here each time.