Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New life new challenge

So after a successful break off with Games Workshop, I am now a free man. After 7 years working for the biggest miniatures manufacturer company I am looking forward to a new job with an italian company operating in Japan since the early 80's. That is a great success for me and this shift will make me appreciate my historical miniatures hobby even more.

This means that between jobs I will have more than a month of holidays! A once in a life time chance to enjoy the family but more than anything enjoy a lot of painting.

Today I started the day by walking my daughter to the kindergarden and cleaning the house with my wife. Once finished with the chores it was painting time.

I managed to prime 6 more bavarians for my regiment, I primed those horrible river sections I bought for the club a few months ago, I revamped an old tree that didn't have much flock on and I started filing those prussians I had from prince August. I also managed to build the last 10 or so plastic Zulus from Warlord Games!

Pretty awesome as a start sin't it?

This holiday will mainly be my chance to catch up with half painted miniatures and forgotten projects.
If I am lucky I might be able to finish up my last 50 or so Saxons for my WAB army.

The next game day is going to be September the 23rd, and we plan to have a Warhammer Fantasy game, and a black powder Napoleonic game.

take care and see you all on the 23rd.



  1. Bravo Giovanni! I wish you all the best for your new career my friend!

    Good luck with finishing those projects!

  2. Hi,
    I think, in Japan, you can be deported for having too much free time. :)
    Seriously though, a new job and over one month of holidays!! I'm totally envious on both counts.

  3. Thank you guys! I am still under shock as my sudden leave has upset a few people who are not behaving like professionals. But hey in the end that company is not famous for it's professionalism.
    I think this month holiday will really help me to forget and get back on track in the real world.
    I might have a setback with the hobby when I will start the new job, but it will be good to see it in perspective not doing it for a while.
    But now I have so much to paint I can't waist any time.



  4. 新しい生活が始まりますね。おめでとう。そして頑張ってください。