Friday, September 21, 2012

Before Sunday!

Hi All!

Well, as usual for this period of holiday the painting has been very very prolific, even though I have been drafted for many chores, cleaning and even a trip to Ikea. It was worth the hassle since now I have extra space to store my figures and books.

Last week I finished the Prussian regiment made of Prince August figures kindly provided by my Oz mate Matt.  I am impressed by the result they are for me the perfect kind of miniature to tackle the Napoleonic period. They are very simple with little detail, which is great as if the detail is not there you don't need to paint it. Once on the table they will look as good as the rest.

The 1st Silesian regiment with jagers

I also managed to finish an army that I was supposed to have finished 4 years ago before my daughter was born, but things didn't go as planned and I had to stop painting the Tartars. Here they are in all their colour and beauty. From the bright colour choice you can tell they are  persian influenced Tartars. They are a mix of Essex, Legio Heroica and Venexia miniatures. Awesome models!
60 heavy tartar cavalry.
I have been painting a few Samurai figures, as we are planning to play a skirmish game using Donald Featherstone's Skirmish Wargaming.  In the pipeline, to be finished before Sunday I still have one ashigaru from Citadel and 2 ninjas from the Perry brothers.

The 2 Perry Ninjas and Bow armed Ashigaru from Citadel

Awaiting the plaster on the bases, from left to right: Ral Partha, Ral Partha, Dixon, Ral Partha and Citadel

I also received through Robert, these 2 commander figures to use with my Napoleonics regiments, but I guess I won't be able to finish them by Sunday. I still keep my finger crossed and try to carve some free time to keep going on painting.

The General and the aide from Front Rank Miniatures

As this coming Sunday we have another Games Day I hope to see some of you, and have a laugh together.


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