Thursday, September 27, 2012

Terrain on the horizon

Hi All,

after last weekend game, I spend most of the week working on terrain, especially that horrible pre-painted river from Battle Front miniatures and some terrain for my far in the future Darkest Africa games.

Luckily enough the beginning of the week was characterized by good weather, I then pulled out the camping table and a chair and I repainted all 15 sections of the river. I then painted the banks, gave them some highlights and a bit of green flock and there you go a new river!

For the club I did purchase 5 sets of 3 river section each, I had never seen them before, so I went for 15 pieces hoping them to be enough, well we ended up with the Amazon! Anyway it was worth the hassle as we can use it now in our games.

The Amazon in all its extension!

The amazon from the air.

I also worked on my jungle plants, tonight I will add the sand on the bases and probably give them a spray paint highlight of brown. I am still undecided on what colour to use for the ground, but the sand need to be applied first, so more to think in bed.

The plants drying with the futons.

Today Robert came over and we looked at the last bunch of Bavarians I had, and he helped me organize a battalion, there fore I will most likely start working on those as well.




  1. The rivers are looking MUCH better now! Would love to have a battle with them across the gaming table.
    Good job.

  2. That long river is cool. You should have a Vietnam era gun boat game on that - apocalypse now!

  3. For all it is worth... it looks great!

    Seeing that you started repainting it in an earlier post, I assume you did not get a replacement from GF9?

  4. @ Squeek, we are starting to play Warhammer Games, and there are 3 guys that are just beginning to get into the game, if you join it will be just awesome! and all the terrain are available for you guys to use. If you have the chance please visit us!

    @ Itinerant, the colour is definitely reminishing of Apocalipse Now isn't it?

    @ DHC, it was worth the effort as the river now looks nicer than before, and not to pretend, but I think I managed to make a more realistic paint job. If I would have a proper area to paint and more time available I think I could have made them look even better, but for the time and space that I have it is already a good result.

    Thank you all for your kind comments! Soon I will post my African tall grass terrain. I am getting into making African jungle terrain using aquarium plants! I just have to look for some weirder plants to put on the table!

  5. Hi VJ, nice to see you are enjoying minis.
    Maybe one day we'll have e game again!