Friday, September 7, 2012

W.I.P. (me baby!)

As the title says during this holiday time I am enjoying my hobby! ahaha

I meant I am painting miniatures in preparation to the next Games Day, and for Robert's happynes I have finished dipping my bavarian regiment to o with or against the French depending on people attendance or not.

So fa so good, I have been able to concentrate very much in the last 3 days so that I managed to do a last push forward and finishing the unit.
I wanted to dip them and spin them with a drill that is why I glued the figures to big screws.

The dipped miniatures sun bathing in west Tokyo

So having those units almost finished I the started cleaning and gluing the Prince August Prussians. I am still very doubtful on what to do, I wander if those simpler miniatures would be better painted in the traditional method or if they would work with the dipping procedure? Any suggestions are welcome.

WIP on the Prussians.

So if everything goes to plan I should "hopefully" finish the unit in a week, after that I really want to get on with the river.

As they are a bit larger than the plastic Hat figures, I will use less figures on a base.

Yesterday I bought a pot of lacca paints that as the experts tell me are an original Japanese type of model paints, and the grip on surfaces is apparently better than the old school enamels or acrylics, so it should be working well on those rubber river sections.

I will let you know how it went and keep you posted with the progress of the miniatures.



  1. Nice work! They're looking very good indeed. Just out of interest, what version of the dip do you use, and where do you source it from?


  2. Nice work on the Bavarians Giovanni.

    My only suggestion is DO NOT use the dip on the Prussians. The dip works wonders with warm colours (white, beige, browns, reds, etc.) but unfortunately it doesn't produce the same results with cold colours (i.e. blue, grey etc).

    In my experience so far just undercoating them dark grey or black then drybrushing with a couple of shades of grey and finally washing them with two coats of black ink (the GW one works wonders) usually takes care of the dark areas pretty quickly. All you have left to do is just paint the remaining colours.

    I hope the above helps :)
    Enjoy your holidays!

  3. @ Aaron, I have a can of Minwax Polishades that a Canadian friend brought back from a trip years ago, it is not as good as the real thing but it's the only I have got. One of my friends in Japan is going to work on starting a business and he will sell (hpefully soon) the real army painter in Japan as well!

    @Achilles, It worked Ok on the bavarian blue, the prussians are very very shallow in detail so I won't dip them otherwise they will look awful, although I have to use some speed painting tecs since these are jsut going to be gaming pieces.
    We will see, I will keep you posted.

    Down with basing now!



  4. Ah - so it's the original dip then. It does look good. I mostly use Future/Klear mixed with paint or ink but also have an acrylic stain from here in Japan that's not bad for pteruges and things like that. Always a bonus to find short-cuts that do a good job :)