Sunday, September 9, 2012

Post While you can!

Last week off and this weekend have given their fruits!

So I will post them now since I can as when I will start the new job I doubt I will have enough energy to paint and post on the blog.

The Dip Regiment, not bad for a week of work.
Anyways, yesterday I managed to finish the Bavarian regiment, prime the Prussian one and glue some trees to some old CDRs that I had lying around. There is one yellowish tree that was a surprising experiment I did using 3M spray glue (do it outside as it is very messy). I sprayed the tree with this powerful glue and sticked i into a bowl of yellow flock and......WOW the flock is sticking super well! fantastic to save old trees.

The primed Prussias from Prince August thanks to Mat the Oz for these fine casts.

The trees being glued to the CDRs. 


  1. Great stuff, Giovanni! Those Bavarians will be a most welcome addition to either side!

    I see an 1813/14 scenario on the cards later this month.

    (PS- I ordered your general- should be here within the week)

  2. Great! with the Ghenerahal on the way and if I can finish the prussians in a week it will be awesome!
    I am particularly happy with the basing, I think I am going to use that style for a while.
    Today I put putty on the cd's with the trees and I started spraying the river sections but I am still on a very basic stage with that. I went for a RAF brown as the basic color, for the river sides I am thinking about something like the base of the Bavarians.

  3. Dear Giovanni;
    I congratulate you on your completion of the Bavaria army.
    Although an order was almost placed for perry, what was required?

    By SADA 10.09.2012