Thursday, January 20, 2011

February session on Sunday the 27th

Hi All,

Here we are again with a games day almost there that if everything goes well might be the best so far a number of participants! That is a great news for me and I hope for the other members too. Thanks to Brian we might have found three local players one of whom is a collector, painter and player of 15MM historical miniatures.  He could be the missing link between the foreign community and the Japanese community of gamers.

Thanks to Dave, who has kindly posted an ad on a website, we might get more players, also thanks to the fact that we started playing Dungeons & Dragons with miniatures and little 3D walls.

Undoubtedly the popularity of the game has helped to fine new blood for the club, but it shows to my relief that a lot of people are prepared to play games.

So the future looks bright!

I booked the room for February too and the games day will be on Sunday the 27th, I still have to check which room it will be in, but if I remember well it should be a larger room.

Recently thanks to Marco’s idea we thought of renting the workshop room in order to run some handcraft focused events to share knowledge of painting techniques and whatever related to the hobby, so any comment on this will be appreciated.

That’s it for now I am looking forward to play on Sunday!