Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Past Saturday's Event Report

Last Saturday the 3rd of December we gathered once more for some dice rolling and fun.

Despite the fact that the day was a Saturday we had a good turnout, not as good as ususal, but the fact that the games day was on a Saturday put off all teh people that had to work. Sorry lads, soon we should have Sundays available again.

Booking the room during the winter time is becoming harder, I guess the outdoor activities are left out for indoor stuff. Spring will come soon enough to allow us bigger rooms on Sundays!

Anyhow, we started early at 9.00 with 4 people for a Labyrinth Lord game, a reissue of old old school Dungeons & Dragons that can be freely downloaded here: http://www.goblinoidgames.com/labyrinthlord.html

In the afternoon we tried our fortune at Shogun, an old Milton Bradley game set in feudal Japan.
Brian was the winner with more provinces than anybody else. Well done!

To finish teh lot we had a quick game at Gareth naval game of DBA Damn Battleship Again from the Wargame Research Group. We used a huge blue sheet and 8 tiny 1/6000 Battleships to represent some smaller units of the Russian and Japanese fleets during the Russo Japanese war.

All in all despite the terrible weather (rainy and cold) it has been a great day of fun. I am looking forward to next month event.

By the way I would like to thank all teh members of the club and all of the followers of the blog for playing with us and supporting us. Merry Christmass and Happy New Year, may Santa Claus bring a lot of miniatures, boardgames and RPGs.