Sunday, December 13, 2015

December Special Event 12月の特別イベント


I'm really excited about this upcoming Pub Con, on December 27th because not only will my brother, who is visiting from the States, be joining in on the fun, but I will get to have my first British Christmas dinner!

We will have the entire bar to ourselves from 10 am until 10 pm. Starting after 5, if you want to stay, you'll need to order the Turkey dinner

The dinner is a special deal just for us: 2000yen for 1 drink and turkey with at least 2 veg plus mash or roast potatoes, cranberry sauce stuffing and gravy with some xmas pudding and mince pies and ice cream for desert.

If you haven't been to Pub Con in a while, I want to reassure you that we have added new 3 new lights, and the interior is much brighter after sun down!You don't have to come to the afternoon session to come to this event. Please join in if you can!




• ドリンク一杯

• 七面鳥

• スタッフィング

• 二種類の野菜

• マッシュポテトまたはローストポテト

• クランベリーゼリー

• グレービーソース

• クリスマスプディング

• ミンスパイ

• アイスクリーム


Christmas Pudding!

November 2015 Pub Con

Here are the pictures from last month!

We have (at least) three new lights which brighten the place up considerably more than before.

Also we have a total of 3 tables owned by the club now, which helps make sure everyone has a place to play what they want.

I'm very excited for next month when I'll have my Irish Saga warband finished, and hopefully some better rules to try out Rorke's Drift with.

See you then!



Check out all the new lights!

Much brighter than before.

Rorke's Drift

Forbidden Stars

Rorke's Drift

Rorke's Drift

Rorke's Drift

Rorke's Drift

Rorke's Drift

7 Wonders

Bolt Action



One Hit Kill