Thursday, April 19, 2012

What Happened in the last 3 months

Hi All,
Just a few words topped with pictures to let you know what happened in the last 3 months.
There have been many games as usual and we have had a great time, despite the cancel of March event.
Now I am back on track and with the help of Brian and Robert we will be able to organize more and more gaming days.

- Next session information can be found on the right hand side of the screen →

So as the Fuzztones sing "Action speaks louder than words" here are a few pictures of our past games

A World War 2 game set in Normandy where Canadians and British were facing a hidden german force.
We had the great chance of using Pete's great scenery models.

 The Brit-canadia set up
 The German hidden setup
 The Axis generals (Her general we have detected a bolschevic spy!)
 The Allied generals!
 Some transport is getting hit
 German artillery in the back and some great terrain
 The Allies advancing fearlessly
Some more lend lease material lost to the Huns!

I also had the chance to play a Renaissance set game with Takeo-San using 15MM Ottomans Vs Knights of Saint John. It has been a great game played slowly while relaxing! What I really like to enjoy from a game.

 The battle lines
 Ajikins, Sipahis close in on some Turcopole cavalry
 The flank is protected by a wood
 The Sipahis made contact supported in short distance by Jannisaries musketry
 The confident knights pound on the enemy light cavalry
 A few movements later the initial Ottoman attack has been repelled
 Some Ottoman cavalry fleeing from the front line
 One single knight element going in by itself
 One of the ottoman generals
 The elite Jannisaris supported by Azab archers
The two lines after a few turns were starting to loos cohesion

We also played a Napoleonic game and you can read a fantastic report with gorgeous pictures here here on Robert blog.

So we are still alive, and if you wish to join us whoever you are, if you like a good laugh, good sportmanship and miniatures (not only that RPG, Boardgames etc.) please give us a shout!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Getting the word out!

We had a wonderful April-Fools Day game session this past Sunday, and to be sure pictures and reports will be coming in soon. Until then I wanted to post our newly minted business cards (名刺) which I have recently made. Business Cards are a big deal here in Japan, and in an effort to tell more and more people about our group I have designed and printed some to pass out (especially during my various field trips to see other groups). それでは、ご覧ください:

This is the front. The mixi ID allows anyone on mixi (the main Japanese social networking site) to find our group there (currently at 6 members).

This is the back. It includes where we play and our contact information. The QR code connects to this web page.