Sunday, September 6, 2015

Bolt Action in Mogusa

Matt and I had another Bolt Action game, this time on the new table at my place (nowhere near enough space at the Pub!)  Here are some photos.

Lots of fun, with the Japanese reaping the honours of the day.  Purely objective and impartial reporting can be read here.

Next time my victorious Japanese will be humbling Rod's US Paratroopers, in a game I'll be hosting on the 26th.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

August 31st Pub Con!

I was happy to see a big crowd turn out again. I hope everyone was able to shake off the summer-time blues and enjoy some gaming.

We had 30 people come: 19 men, 8 women, and 3 children. I'm very happy to see wonderful mix of people able to come and enjoy games together. 

These are the games I saw being played, sorry if I missed any:

Super Dungeon Explorer
Settlers of Catan
Bang X3
Steam Park
Magic: The Gathering
Age of Sigmar
Ghost Blitz

And here is my one lonely picture! 

Thanks to everyone who came out, and see you next month on Sunday, September 27th.