Friday, May 10, 2013

Bla bla bla

Well well well it has been a long while again!

I think the job change I spoke about a few month ago wasn't exactly what I expected! So it influenced my routine, carefully built after many years! It means I work more an travel more so I have much less time to paint and organize games than I had before! I think at the club for a reason or another we all got busy. The result is that the blog suffered a bit.

But thanks to the help of technology now I can write while,on the train and talking to Brian tonight I realized that I can write the blog while comfortably siting on the green velvet of the Yokohama line.

So the club activities have been steadily quiet, we had 2 new members recruited through my daughter's Italian school, where one of the other dads came out being a miniatures and RPG aficionado, he brought with him a friend to play a game of black powder. He also won!!! You can see some of the photos for the previous post.

On the side I have also managed to gather other 7 D&D Italian players! We had a worm up session that went rather well, so it looks like I will be playing in mu native language! Nice plus isn't it? We just need some heavy metal t-shirts,  grew a bit of a mullet and there we are back in middle school.

A few month ago I also bought 2 sets of rules. One is rather popular, Musket & Tomahawk that I intended to use with my late 17th century figs in 15mm. Really nice set of rules. The second, that to me is the most exciting, is called  In the Heart of Africa. This is an awesome set of rules. They are meant for a long term project of mine, to collect foundry darkest Africa range of miniatures. 

If any of you Gentlemen reader has some of those miniatures and want to get rid of them, with me they will find a loving family.

The next club game is this coming Sunday, the only trouble for me is that my daughter kindergarten has decided to organize a visit to the Tama zoo on the same day!! With all the parents, needless to say that the choice was obvious after receiving one of hose "stares" from the wife! Not that I ever had any doubt!

Next month I will enjoy the game even more. 

Next appointments are:  June 30th and July 14th, by then we will be all steaming hot for summer!

Good gaming, good painting to,all of you