Sunday, September 29, 2013

Events Update and Atsugi Gamesday

We all had a fantastic time at the Welcome to Wargaming event held at the Atsugi Naval Airbase on September 21st!

The Event was set up very professionally and had a great convention feel that us Japan gamers don't get to see very often.

We had plenty of space to set up a large Blackpowder game. The other players that day were mainly of the Warhammer 40,000 variety but we got many wide eyes coming over to our table to check out the historical action.

Cheers to the gentlemen at Wargamers in Japan who so ambitiously planned the event and we are all looking forward to more fun get togethers in the future.

As for our own humble gamer conglomeration we have a games day on October 6th (Sunday). For  now the plan is to hold our first even RONIN game in the morning. I will be bringing along my full complement of Oshiro Model Terrain buildings as well as a painted buntai of bandits. I am more than willing to just be the rules guy and let someone else use my miniatures so please if you are interested stop on by!!!

In the afternoon we hope to have another thrilling rumble in the Napoleonic era. Blackpowder!

(PLEASE CHECK OUR UPCOMING EVENT INFORMATION FOR OCTOBER - DECEMBER. If you will notice we have November and December games days only a week apart. Perhaps we could come up with an interesting way to make the best of that.)