Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Up coming events for 3 months

Hi all,

Again I think a long while passed since tha last post, perhaps almost a month!

Again as the tradition demands I am blogging from the train while standing with many other human beings, in a rainy day on the Nambu Line.

So thanks to Brian we managed to book 3 months worth of gaming room Huzzah!

First event will be on June the 30th and so far we plan to play the following:

Bolt action - Operation Husky - with Germans, Italians, Americans and British

Black powder - the traditional napoleonic game, that has been growing in size since our humble beginnings a couple of years ago.

Warhammer Fantasy Battles - with Tomb kings, Dwarves, perhaps Skaven and other amazing creatures.

We have also booked for July 14th and August  3rd. Obviously we haven't thought yet what to play but as time goes by we will have more ideas coming up.

Please put the dates in your diaries and come along for some healthy stress release!!!