Sunday, November 15, 2015

October 25th Pub Con!

Been awhile since we updated ya!

This month we had a brilliant introduction to Sage Miniatures game thanks to Steven.
We also added some new lighting to the club which really helped!

Some games played this month include:
Dead Of Winter
Game of Thrones
Bolt Action

A shot of the club, early in the day
'Closeup' of the brilliant painting and terrain for the Saga game
Big game of Eclipse going on
The empires about to collide!
Another brutal game of DungeonQuest!
Trekking into the Dragons lair, only to be trounced by an Orc in the first room!
Splendor, getting lots of play at the club
Lot's of zombie games to chose from! This month Dead of Winter ushered us into November.
A bit of X-wing, planet-side over a rocky plateau
In our Bolt Action gaming an amusing story was playing out in the vineyards of Europe.
Who would control the vintage wine cellar? The French or Italians?
and could they stay sober enough to hold it?
A few other games were held, with talk of Infinity and Mordheim to come! So if you want to stop in, The next Pub Con will be held Sunday November 29th! Beer, food and gaming; nearly always a great combo!