Monday, July 21, 2014

Games Day July 20th, 2014

Some pictures from our games yesterday.  We had more of a turnout than we've had in a while, which was gratifying!  There were a number of board games, Matt and I had our first game of Bolt Action, and Giovanni and Sada had a game of Black Powder using Sada's impressive La Haye Sainte model.

The Bolt Action game saw Matt's British against my Japanese.  The British were victorious, but my IJA died to the last man, as was the done thing.
Bravely accepting the inevitable...
The end; my remaining mortar crew are flanked by Aldershot's finest, and will meet their comrades at Yasukuni.

My little tankette certainly didn't last long!
As this was our first time with the rules, no doubt we made a number of errors and omissions.  Still, we soon picked up the basics, and the game was engaging and moved quickly.  It was fun for winner and loser alike, so we look forward to our next outing with Bolt Action, and to getting more fluent with the rules.

And thanks to Chris, who did us sterling service as an Impartial Fate, drawing the order dice from the hat!

Brian & Co. played a couple of boardgames, including this one on Global Warming which would have made any Greenpeace activists nearby choke... 
"Die, Planet Earth, Die!!!"
The Napoleonic game looked impressive as always, but this time instead of battalions the maneuver units were companies.  I believe the French took a hiding this time and that the farmhouse remained securely in German hands!

Looking forward to our next outing!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

One heck of a cuirass...

No it's not Napoleonics. Here is that finished 1/56 scale Japanese Type 94 Tankette I bought earlier from Kazu at Warlord Games, for what will be our first game of Bolt Action today.