Friday, January 25, 2013


Our next games day is coming up on February 3 (Sun)

The times are as usual 9:30 am - 10pm (though we usually finish at 6pm.... as always you are welcome to stay later).

Please let us know if you can come.
I hope we can have another great turnout like we did last time!

Important website news!

We are still working on the website but hopefully it will be OK to use by the March games day.
With our new website we will have a calender so you can check future games days, we can put more information about events will be going on, and we can have a lot more access to pictures and documents etc which should make the group feel more like a community :-)

The website will be run through "google sites". You can see the website just fine without a google account but to access some of the new features you might want to make one. Matteo has been working really hard to learn about this stuff so he might be sending you an invitation to our google group. Please consider looking into it and helping the site be as lively as possible!

If you have any ideas, questions or complaints please email back!!

I have sent out an email to most everyone but if you haven't received it and are interested in coming please write in! I probably just missed your name.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

January 11th Games Day

Thanks to everyone who was able to come out yesterday!

We played two Warhammer Fantasy games, a 15mm DBR game, several rounds if Commands and Colors, and another sprawling Napoleonic Black Powder battle.

We also had a "committee meeting" to discuss moving the blog to a website (more details to come), and a small informal discussion about bringing some miniatures to be displayed at the Shizuoka Hobby Show (May 18th and 19th).

This is the only picture I had! It shows my poor cardboard converted "chaos warhounds" before they were smashed to pieces by the much more beautiful Minotaurs (._.) ...