Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Great day on the 24th NEXT GAMES DAY 15TH OF MAY

Hi All,

just a few lines without photos I'm afraid. Sunday was a great games day, I think it helped us all to relax our strained nerves and I think we all had a great time.

There was a Warhammer Fantasy Battle where hordes of Rats and Skaven fought a vicious battle against the High Elves. Great looking game, although I am not sure of the result, perhaps Oli, Howard and Sam will let us know.

Robert, Pete and Brian were playing a German vs British Normandy 1944 game with beautiful terrain and miniatures.

Giovanni, David, Kirk Ziad and Dai, where having a blast at playing Labyrinth Lord- a clone RPG of Dungeons and Dragons.

Thank you all for coming and I hope to see you on the 15th of may where we will be on the 7th floor in 製作室 where we will have a looooooot more space, so feel welcome to join us.

We also had a game flea market, where THANKS TO ALL we managed to rise 13550 yen for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku. I will deliver the money to a local church hoping to relieve some of the pain of those poor people.

Looking forward to see many gamers again.

Thank you all,


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Games Day on the 24th

Hi All,

I hope to find you all well and in health. It has been a tough period and many things have happened, but thankfully the situation seems to be getting back to a sort of normality. Now you can find bottled water, packed bread and rice almost normally, Yogurt is still an issue, but we should be all right wit it soon.

The power cuts have virtually disappeared, but will restart during summer, which will be quite an experience without the support of air condition! Although it will be nothing compared to what other had to suffer, so let’s roll up our sleeves and down with the work. 日本がんばれ!

So in order to release a bit of tension it will be good to roll some dies, move some miniatures on the table isn’t it?

The 24th of April (Sunday) we will have an early start 9.30 and an early end 17.00 due to the fact that the city hall is trying to save electricity. JUST AN ADDITIONAL NOTE TEH D&D GAME WILL START AT 11.30.

We plan to play the following:

Morning Labyrinth Lord (aka Basic Dungeons and Dragons) DM Kirk

Late morning 2 WW2 games with Robert, Pete, Brian and Ayu

Late morning various board games with David, Tod and Giovanni, playing, Warrior Knights, Bitter Victory and other games.

Late morning Warhammer Fantasy Battles with Oliver and Sam

Also not confirmed yet Brian and Gareth will both be available for a game o Brits vs Zulus in 15MM and 6MM respectively if anyone is interested, although this is to be confirmed.

We will also have a charity flea market where we are selling our unwanted or overflowing miniatures, board games, hobby material and so on. The money collected that way will be donated to the local Salesian church of Chofu, that will deliver the money to the Earthquacked people in Tohoku.

I am looking forward to see many of you gamers in Tokyo.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Next Games Day- April 24th

Hi, Everyone

As life slowly returns to normal- and provided that there are no blackouts scheduled in the area- the next gaming day is scheduled on April 24th.   We would like to ask people to confirm if they still plan on attending, and if so what they plan on gaming.

If you know for sure if you will be making it that day, could you let us know so we can know what kind of turnout we can expect, and so we can start thinking about terrain and table arrangements.

Thanks, and hope to be seeing you all soon.